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Profutcamps is a sports training brand specialized in high-performance football, which has not taken long to position itself at the top of training football in Spain. More than 40 nationalities and 5,500 students have enjoyed its International Football Academy, camps and clinics. 

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With these three characteristics, we encompass the patterns of success.

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Profutcamps has programs adapted to the individual needs of each athlete, where we combine preparation for elite football, at all levels, with an excellent academic programming.

What We Offer

Sport program

Every player will have a specific personalized plan, generating a professional player routine where specific technical training will be carried out individually, physical preparation work, sports psychology sessions, individualized video analysis, all with the intention of gradually reducing deficiencies of the player and enhancing their virtues. 

Elite football training

Top friendly matches


Individual physical programs

Individual injury prevention plan

Mentoring + big data analysis

The essence of being human


Our athletes will have the chance to choose the educational itinerary that most closely matches their educational needs and professional future, always with the help of our educational staff who will provide the best counselling and tutoring. 

Tailored education

Wide variety of academic programs, tailored to individual needs.

Career counseling

Personal advice to provide the necessary tools to achieve personal success.

Individual Tutoring

Individualized academic monitoring and personal growth development.

The best soccer field in Malaga

Our facilities

In the heart of the city

"ciudad de málaga"

Located in one of the most convenient areas of the city, 10 minutes by car from the international airport. Was the training ground for Málaga CF during UEFA Champions League. 

In the heart of the city


Luxury accommodation at the service of our athletes. In the hearth of Malaga university Campus. One-minute walk from a Metro station. In the residence you will find study rooms, a gym, a cinema room, swimming pool… with the best qualities and brand new.

For everyone


PFC Football Academy

PRE-SEASON One month - Three months program
  • Program focused on the development of players with a specific purpose (recovery from injury, start of preseason at the highest level, preparation for trials with clubs and/or universities, as well as those players who want to experience high-level training during a specific period ).. High-performance training at both a physical and a technical-tactical level.

PFC Football Academy

BIANNUAL Six months program
  • Fantastic experience, which will combine high-performance sports training with a language course (Spanish). The objective of the program is for the player to adapt to both football and Spanish culture, in order to find a team adapted to his level at the end of this period. For players who want to train professionally and prepare to play in a professional team. Acquire and begin to put into practice both individual and group tactical technical knowledge.

PFC Football Academy

SEASON One season - Academic year
  • This program occupies the same time as a regular European soccer season, starting in August and ending in May. During our 10-month course you will be able to train, with the best training systems, in addition to offering you the possibility of putting them into practice week by week in competition. This program will offer you the extra possibility of being selected by the scouts from the clubs who come to our fields every week with the aim of finding a future star. Our players will play matches against academies of the best clubs in Spain,

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